4th Annual
Illinois Speed Awareness Day

July 24th, 2019

Slow Down. Arrive Alive.

An ILACP and FACES4 Traffic Safety Initiative

The 4th Annual Speed Awareness Day

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) Traffic Safety Committee and Families Against Chronic Excessive Speeding (FACES4) understands the importance of tying together the legislative, educational and engineering component of speed awareness to the enforcement component of speed awareness that law enforcement agencies can bring to the table.  Thus in 2016, the ILACP Traffic Safety Committee founded Illinois Speed Awareness Day in partnership with FACES4.  The ILACP continues to manage and coordinate the program each year and has worked to build partnerships with the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois State Police, Illinois Sheriff’s Association, Illinois Tollway Authority, hundreds of local law enforcement agencies, school districts, and numerous other public and private sector agencies.

By combining the resources of both public and private entities  a common goal can be achieved; to save lives and prevent injuries by getting motorists to simply slow down, obey the posted speed limits, and more importantly, to not excessively speed.

Traffic Fatalities in 2015

Traffic Fatalities in 2016

Traffic fatalities in 2017

The Mission

To promote EDUCATION, conduct ENFORCEMENT and support continued ENGINEERING advances in an effort to heighten public awareness of the dangers of excessive speed which will lead to the prevention of collisions, deaths, and injuries.
In addition, our mission includes the support of LEGISLATION advances to strengthen the laws and associated penalties of those convicted of offenses related to excessive speeding.

Simply put, the mission of Illinois Speed Awareness Day is to prevent deaths, tragedies, and reduce injuries on our highways due to excessive speeding.

According to IDOT, in 2017:
There were 311,679 crashes involving motor vehicles.
• 93, 517 people were injured, and 1,090 people lost their lives.
• Crashes involving SPEED accounted for 33.2% of overall crashes, 36.2% of fatal crashes, and 37.9% of injury crashes.
• The total estimated cost of crashes in Illinois was $8.1 billon.

But, consider this; is not speed a factor in every crash? Speed is indeed a factor in every crash. It just depends on to what extent in terms of property damage, severity of injuries, and the number of fatalities. Remember, speeding is exceeding the posted speed limits AND/OR driving too fast for conditions.

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Why dedicate a day to statewide speed awareness?

Look at the highway system that exists within Illinois…

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT):
– There are 2,185 Interstate miles within Illinois; third largest in the United States.
There are 15,989 miles of state highways within Illinois.
There are 16,488 miles of county highways within Illinois.
There are 114,004 miles of municipal & township highways
within Illinois.
This equals over 148,000 miles of highways within Illinois.

Look at the usage of the highway system in Illinois…
Motorists travel more than 105 BILLION miles annually on the
highway system within Illinois.

Downloadable Resources

We have a multitude of resources that you can use to help increase public awareness of the dangers of excessive speed. See our resources page for downloadable posters, flyers, documents, and press releases.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact us today. Together we can make a difference on our roads in 2019!